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Hello, My name is Ben and I am the guy you normally talk to when you contact Acer Tree Services. I have been in the industry for seventeen years, during that time I have been blessed with a wealth of experience and knowledge gathered from all corners of the Arboricultural world. From planting thousands of whips in the rolling hills of our UK countryside to technical tree dismantling over greenhouses and gardens. I even worked at the French ambassador’s house in Kensington many moons ago.

I consider myself very lucky indeed to have had the opportunities in tree work presented to me. I have been working under my own steam now for nearly ten years and have established a good rhythm of regular and new customers. I love the industry and I love working with trees.

I’m going to post here as often as I can with interesting facts and news about our beautiful habitats and the trees within them. The British Isles have a vast array of Tree species and wildlife living within them. Please enjoy Acer Tree Services website and any time you need advice just call or email me and i will be happy to help.