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Why you may benefit from tree pruning or reduction

Today I want to talk about some of the benefits of overall tree pruning or “reduction” work. There are a few main causes of this requirement.

Light prevention

Larger trees can prevent natural sunlight from entering your gardens. This can be a problem not just for your tan but also for the growth of other smaller plants, shrubs or trees.


Either yours or neighbours tree could be overhanging and causing a nuisance with light prevention and or leaf and fruit fall.

Wind resistance

Some trees growth allow for the movement wind causes in them and can adapt however not all species were supposed to stand alone as we’re evolved in forest environments where they protected each other from heavy wind.

These are just some of the reasons that reducing trees in an urban environment can be beneficial if done correctly. We can limit wind resistance by reducing the surface area affected in heavy winds, therefore, reducing risk of failure. We can reduce encroachment on other properties by pruning and trimming. (Using healthy methods) and also allow more light into gardens, flower patches and through windows giving a brighter outlook on your gardens and homes.

All of these methods can be carried out with little to no permanent damage to the trees in question if done correctly and professionally.

Next time we will go into more detail about each of this areas of pruning.

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